1. There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.

That is what Morpheus said to Neo in The Matrix after Neo had saved Morpheus from being mind hacked.  It was in that moment, that Neo began to see that he had the power to change things.  Like Neo, I have started to see that I am not helpless and can act in a positive way.  Those who see the inevitable conclusion of Jefferson’s eternal words “that all men are created equal”, eventually have a moment where we realize that it is no longer enough to just believe.  We must also act.  In the aftermath of personal ideological upheaval, one realizes that theorizing isn’t enough.  And so one comes to a terrible fork in the road.  That fork, is the choice between imagining the world we desire, and acting to achieve it.

This blog is an attempt to gather my thoughts and to encourage a daily affirmation of the path I have chosen.  That path is like a tiny ship sailing on a vast ocean of ideas.  It will not be a pleasant voyage, as the swirling storms of viciousness, of hate, envy, and raging violence in the world around us threatens to sink our frail hopes of a better life.  Each day I rise and fight a constant battle to keep the ship aright and on a steady course.  Most days are stalled attempts at progress, but on rare occasion, the storm breaks and a ray of sunlight illuminates my life for a short moment before the storm re-envelopes my rickety hulk. 

My destination is the dream of a civilization founded upon the everlasting foundation of individual sovereignty, and the storms we face are those ancient traditions that keep humanity trapped in depravity.  Though the storm is great, and our fledgling movement is small, I have great hope about what can be achieved.  I do not believe I will live to see the final victory over this old foe, but I do believe I will live to see it greatly diminished.  My vessel’s cargo is a discipline that will hopefully reach others adrift on the darkened seas of society.

This blog is for myself and those who value these ideals.  It is to be the record of my journey towards the end I so desperately seek.  I do not write these words to incite argument with those who oppose these ideas.  It is not for those who think men must be enslaved by their fellow man for some ephemeral greater good.  I cannot challenge your faith in the traditional methods of societal organization because I too couldn’t hear the reasoned arguments against it until the emotional bond with the nation had been severed by its own malevolent designs.  Only when I lost faith in its virtue, could I understand its vice.  One cannot be shown until they desire to see and so I do not write this to convince anyone that compulsion by threat is immoral and ineffective.  Rather, if you come to see as I finally did, that our social institutions are  immoral and ineffective, I offer a path.  One of many paths to be sure, but this one is the one I have chosen.  I have taken the first step.

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