2. Victory….

The point of this blog can be summed up with that simple little word; Victory. My aim is victory and any method that brings about victory is my means.  The state, that is, the idea that some people are naturally morally superior and must use any means to bring about a prosperous and peaceful society, is the enemy.  My goal is its defeat as an accepted method of social organization.  I have no qualms about stating this objective. 

I’m writing this blog is to help me determine the best path for achieving that victory.  If an idea is to be defeated, it can only be slain with better ideas.  These ‘better’ ideas I speak of shall strike at the root of the state, which I will explore in future posts.  As I said before, If you believe the state is just, virtuous, and benevolent, then please turn away from this blog, as you are not its intended audience.  I am not here to pick fights and I will explain why in the future.

As that most pugnacious of nationalist leaders Winston Churchill said,

“Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”

My path is a victorious path and I will share my victories with anyone who would like to hear.  Victory at all costs, by all means, and without end.  However, as Gandhi said,

“As the means, so the end.”

Thus we recognize that the means cannot contradict the end.  And our end?  Since we seek to undermine the notion that social cooperation is best served by threat of force, using the threat of force to do so would be a contradiction.  I will condemn any so-called anarchist, agorist, voluntaryist, libertarian or any other ideology or philosophy that uses threats to achieve that end.  I do not take this stance upon ethical grounds, for if a man defends himself and his justly acquired property from predation, his actions are just. 

The reason why I take this anti-threat stance is simple; utility.  I have come to understand that the only way to achieve victory is to attack the very heart of the state.  And that attack cannot succeed with appeals to emotion, or reason, or ethics.  Our victory lies wholly on our ability to demonstrate that the state has the least utility for achieving its mythical aims than other methods.  Many others explore what those methods might be. My goal is to work in ways to employ those methods so that we may use our successes as evidence for voluntary cooperation as having the most utility to a society.  If we can win that argument with the soft supporters of the state, that its claim of superior utility is false, we can be victorious. 

My own personal experience demonstrates this point.  My loss of faith in the Nation and its helmsmen occurred because I saw what epic failures they were at managing prosperity.  In fact, it was in learning that their actions were the cause of those failures that spurred on the demise of the nation-state as a legitimate construct in my mind.  It was the state’s failure to protect its citizens’ wealth that led to its loss of moral legitimacy in my eyes.  It was the apparent failure of its utility that allowed the ideas of liberty, individual sovereignty, and ethics flood my mind once the dam of youth conditioning had been breached. 

So I am against using threats against the state because it will have the least utility and very likely negative utility.  I will ponder the reasoning behind this in detail and I will also explore methods that I believe will have the most utility in the future.

In closing, I have read many blogs, watched many videos and read a few books on the subject.  I will continue to seek out and absorb the ideas, speculations, theories, and prognostications of our movement and digest them.  However, I see far too many of our small group pontificating and too few taking direct, productive action.  I hope this blog will serve as a rallying point for those who want to do something, but just do not know what that something should be. 

If we are to be victorious, we must realize that the path we take toward victory is the victory itself.  The path is the destination. 

Walk with me.

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